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what we do

Horsley & Feather have been creating commercial and domestic interiors since 2001. We use a mix of styles to bring to life colourful and uplifting spaces.

Our aim is to create rooms that are beautiful yet also being purposeful and functional. We work with you to realise thoughtful and bespoke interiors, which reflect your character and are sympathetic to the architecture and history of the building.

Our design process is highly personalised, working along side leading architects, contractors and lighting consultants. We also work with a wide network of highly skilled specialists including artists, craftspeople, upholstery and curtain makers.

We begin a project by visiting the space and meeting the client. conversations to understand how the space should feel as well as how it will be used are very important. The next step is to develop the concept using mood boards and layouts adding colours, textures and details. we have a hands on approach and each project varies to suit the project.

We strive to form close relationships with clients to create individual spaces that feel good to be in.

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